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KORE helps GoRout Tackle Communication Between Players and Coaches

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Wearable devices improve gameplay by delivering on-field information in real-time.

KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (“IoT”) Solutions and pioneering IoT hyperscaler, and provider of IoT Connectivity, Solutions and Analytics, announced today its alliance with GoRout, the leader in coach-to-player communication.

GoRout’s rugged wearable devices provide real-time access to crucial information for coaches and players, revolutionizing on-field communication from Little League to the NFL.

GoRout’s in-game and practice platforms enable instant communication between coaches and players, all from the dugout or sidelines. With the click of a button on a smart phone or tablet, coaches can securely send play calls and pitches directly to players, who then receive alerts via wearable smartwatch devices, alleviating the worry of sign stealing. Coaches can also use data collected during practice to maximize their team’s performance on gameday.

Teams are always on the move, often traveling cross-country for games, which is why GoRout needed reliable connectivity that could travel with their customers.

To date, the company has launched over 2,000 devices with the help of KORE. GoRout’s devices are powered by Super SIM®, a key offering within KORE’s Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) suite. Super SIM gives customers the ability to choose exactly which networks to use per region from over 400 tier-1 carriers in over 185 countries to control coverage and cost, all managed seamlessly through one pane of glass – a single IoT SIM card and consolidated billing from one provider.

Romil Bahl, KORE President and CEO, said KORE is excited to be a part of the innovation IoT is bringing to the athletics field.

Bahl, said:

“IoT is revolutionizing the way we live and play.”

“No matter what sport, players really leave everything on the field, so using our technology to help optimize their performance is a big win for us. From tee-ball to the major leagues, being a part of a team fosters a sense of confidence and collaboration that players carry with them for a lifetime.”

GoRout’s mission is to use technology to help players and coaches maximize their time and elevate their performance, which is only possible through reliable connectivity, according to GoRout CEO and Co-Founder Mike Rolih.

“GoRout is always looking for ways to partner with first-class organizations that share our same commitment to excellence, which is why we couldn’t be more excited to partner with KORE,” said Rolih. “This partnership will strengthen our GoRout Air Network and provide never-before-seen communication speeds across our devices.”

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