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House passes host of bills targeting Iran after attack on Israel

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House lawmakers passed multiple pieces of legislation focused on penalizing Iran following its attack on Israel last weekend.

The measures passed include:

A resolution declaring the slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’’ is “outrightly antisemitic and must be strongly condemned.”

The Holding Iranian Leaders Accountable Act, which would require a report on the financial holdings of senior Iranian officials.
The Iran Sanctions Accountability Act, aimed at preventing the evasion of sanctions against Iran.

The Strengthening Tools to Counter the Use of Human Shields Act, which would impose sanctions on entities that use civilians as human shields.

The Illicit Captagon Trafficking Suppression Act, which would impose sanctions on entities that produce or facilitate distribution of a synthetic stimulant named Captagon.

The No Technology for Terror Act, which would permanently bar the export of U.S.-made technology to Iran.

The No Paydays to Hostage Takers Act, which would bar U.S. admittance of sanctioned officials for United Nations meetings.

The Solidify Iran Sanctions Act, which would make permanent certain sanctions on Iran.
A resolution urging the European Union to “expeditiously” declare the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization

There is no indication yet that the Senate will act on any of the measures.