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Johnson set to face Greene-led speakership ouster attempt this week

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Speaker Mike Johnson will face a vote this week on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s effort to remove him from the speakership. But he is expected to prevail with the help of House Democrats and most of his GOP conference.

Greene (R-Ga.) pledged last week to take action and officially move her Johnson ouster attempt onto the floor — even after it became clear House Democratic leaders will lead their caucus to kill her effort.

A substantial majority of Republicans will not back Greene’s effort to remove Johnson. Reps. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) are the only Republicans on the record saying they are ready to take down the speaker, though they are bullish that when the time comes, they will have more support.

“What we need is a new Speaker willing to use our majority to wield the power of the purse for the benefit of America. In just a few months, this Speaker has worked to give the Executive more authority and more money than even Pelosi granted,” Massie wrote on social media Monday morning. “Vacate this #uniparty Speaker.”

A floor vote to oust Johnson would require a majority to prevail. But a motion to table — effectively kill — Greene’s resolution would come first and get a vote.

Support for Johnson from Democrats will open the speaker up to even more criticism from the right flank of his party, which is already dissatisfied with his willingness to lean on Democrats to pass spending and foreign aid legislation.

But Johnson has the backing of former President Donald Trump and the bulk of his conference.

Senate side: The Senate, returning to action Tuesday, is set to continue consideration of legislation to reauthorize the FAA by this Friday’s deadline. It could take a unanimous consent agreement to meet that deadline, which, with hot button amendments on the table, will be tricky. There is also discussion of a potential short-term FAA extension, which could buy lawmakers enough time to come to an agreement.