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Jeffries: House Dem leaders will meet to discuss path forward on Biden

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House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries said Thursday that he plans to eventually convene his leadership team and then they’ll “figure out the next step” on the crisis surrounding President Joe Biden.

Jeffries added he has no scheduled meetings with the president, though he had told Democrats in talks this week that he planned to relay their concerns to Biden directly. He also said it’s his goal to hear from every House Democrat — before leadership makes any decision on what to do next — but that it is “a process.”

The House Democratic leader has been under intense pressure to take a stand on Biden’s future at the top of the ticket as he’s met with multiple factions of his caucus. And more members have been publicly calling for Biden to step aside, with purple-district Rep. Hillary Scholten (D-Mich.) becoming the latest Democrat to say Biden needs to drop out of the race Thursday morning.

Biden campaign and White House officials are set to meet with Democratic senators on Thursday afternoon to hear their concerns.

There is no scheduled meeting with House Democrats yet, with lawmakers set to leave for a weeklong recess Thursday afternoon.